The Gunnoe Research Group

Synthetic and Mechanistic Organometallic Chemistry at the University of Virginia

Group Members

Principal Investigator

Postdoctoral Associates and Visiting Scientists

Former Group Members

Former Graduate Students

Xiaofan Jia (Ph.D.) Current: Postdoc, Yale University

Weihao Zhu (Ph.D.) Current: Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania

Zhongwen Luo (Ph.D.) Current: CMC consultant at DataRevive

Shunyan Gu (Ph.D.)

Nichole Schwartz Liebov (Ph.D.) Current: Senior Staff Scientist at Solenis

Junqi Chen (Ph.D.) Current: CMC Project Manager at Aleon Pharma International

Benjamin Vaughan (Ph.D.) Current: Technical Specialist at Lathrop and Gage

Michael Webster-Gardiner (Ph.D.) Current: Postdoc Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia

Kathleen Taylor (Ph.D.) Current: Postdoc Brandeis University

Bridgette Dale (M.A.) Current: Luna Innovations

John Dekarske (M.A.) Current: AmbioPharm

Steven Kalman (Ph.D.) Current: Assistant Professor Stockton University

Jiajun Mei (Ph.D.) Current: Aleon Pharma International

Samantha Burgess (Ph.D.) Current: Postdoc, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Evan Joslin (Ph.D.) Current: Assistant Professor Sewanee University

Brad McKeown (Ph.D.) Current: Research Scientist, Air Liquide

Chong Wang (M.S.) Current: Sartomer

Joanna Webb (Ph. D.) Current: Associate Professor, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Samuel Delp (Ph. D.) Current: Research Chemist, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Joshua T. Gurkin (M.S.) Current: Family Legacy Mental Health Services, Inc.

Nicholas A. Foley (Ph. D.) Current: BASF

Colleen Munro-Leighton (Ph. D.) Current: Assistant Professor, Elmhurst University

John Lee (Ph. D.) Current: Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Yuee Feng (Ph. D.) Current: Applied Material

Taisuke Sumiyoshi (M.S.) Current: Dojindo

Karl Pittard (Ph. D.) Current: Acend Performance Materials

Elizabeth Blue (Ph. D.) Current: Assistant Professor, Campbell University

Marty Lail (Ph. D.) Current: RTI International

Jubo Zhang (Ph. D.) Current: Terrabon, Inc.

David Conner (Ph. D.) Current: Rohm and Haas

Benjamin Arrowood (M.S.) Current: Ashland Oil, Inc.


Former Postdocs

Ana Geer                   Juan de la Cierva Fellow,University of Zaragoza

Ryan Holland

Vagulejan Balasanthiran     MPD Chemicals

Dominik Munz                     Assistant Professor, Friedrich-Alexander University

Matthew O'Reilly                 Transform Fuels

Sarah Goforth                      Assistant Professor, Campbell University

Theodore Matson                C2 Fuels, LLC

George Fortman                  Arkema

Mark Pouy                           Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

Jeremy Andreatta                Assistant Professor, University of Worcester

Tamara Bolaño García        University of Zaragoza

Brandon Quillian                 Associate Professor Armstrong Atlantic State University

Hong-yan Shen                   Instructor, University of Shenyang

Laurel Goj                           Associate Professor, Rollins College

K. N. Jayaprakash               Alnylam Pharmaceutical Company)


Former Visiting Scholars

Shaojin Gu, Wuhan Textile University                                        

Zeinab Mandegani, Shiraz University                                         

Professor Yan Jiang, Changzhou University                             

Professor Huimin Guo, Dalian University of Technology                     

Professor Zuming Liu, Central China Normal University                     

Professor Laurel Goj, Rollins College                                         

Zoraida Ramiro, University of Valladolid (Spain)                      

Professor Laurel Goj, Rollins College                                         

Professor Mike Wells, Campbell University